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VeggieTales LIVE! Little Kids Do Big Things!

Photo of VeggieTales LIVE! Little Kids Do Big Things!

Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and all of their Veggie friends are coming Danville in the all new fresh, funny, and unforgettable VeggieTales Live! Little Kids Do Big Things tour. VeggieTales Live! Little Kids Do Big Things is a must-see, fun filled celebration for families and VeggieTales fans of all ages. Join the VeggieTales crew in a musical review that celebrates that with help and faith, even little kids can do big things too! This all new production features live performances of Veggie silly song favorites like The Hairbrush Song and I Love My Lips as well as songs that inspire like Big Things Too. Children will be thrilled to see their favorite Veggie friends live on stage performing in a rollicking musical review of VeggieTales greatest hits. This high-energy show is sure to delight children and families of all ages.

Veryovka: Ukrainian National Dance Company

Photo of Veryovka: Ukrainian National Dance Company

The soaring, spirited dance company delights and evokes a sense of communal celebration of the dance tradition.

Performance Date: February 27, 1996

Vienna Boys Choir

Photo of Vienna Boys Choir

No group of child musicians has won more renown than the incomparable Vienna Boys Choir, founded by Emperor Maximilian I in 1498. Six centuries later, the famed Vienna Boys Choir continue to delight music-lovers across the globe with their purity of tone, distinctive charm and a diverse, crowd pleasing repertoire that encompasses Austrian folk songs and waltzes, classical masterpieces, beloved pop songs, holiday favorites and medieval chant. Gifted musicians with voices of unforgettable beauty, they carry on the Vienna Boys Choir’s illustrious tradition as the world’s preeminent boy choir.

Performance Dates: November 20, 2011; March 16, 2003; February 8, 1998; March 2, 1984

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Gustavo Dudamel, conductor Website:

For more than 160 years, the internationally recognized Vienna Philharmonic has been at the heart and soul of the best tradition of European classical music. Wagner described it as “one of the most outstanding in the world”; and Richard Strauss summarized these sentiments by saying: “All praise of the Vienna Philharmonic reveals itself as understatement.”


Performance Date: September 27, 2010

Vinson Cole, tenor

Photo of Vinson Cole, tenor

Vinson Cole is an American operatic tenor. A native of Kansas City, the tenor studied at the University of Missouri, Kansas City; the Philadelphia Musical Academy; and at the Curtis Institute of Music with Margaret Harshaw.

Performance Date: November 19, 1991

Vlach Quartet

Photo of Vlach Quartet

Rooted in the rich tradition of Czech chamber music, the Vlach Quartet Prague has achieved a place among today’s leading quartets through its concert performances around the world and numerous critically acclaimed recordings, including a recent release of the complete chamber works of Dvorák. Known for its impeccable technical skills and unerring intonation, the quartet plays with a distinctive understanding of the heart and soul of Czech music that conveys to the audience a genuine spiritual connection to the music.

Performance Date: February 20, 2005

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